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Southern Utah 

Breastfeeding Support Groups


St George Breastfeeding ClassesSt George Breastfeeding ClassesFree2Feed--St. George, Hurricane, and Mesquite

Aditi Aromi  (435) 231-2111



Breastfeeding AssistanceBreastfeeding Assistance

La Leche Leauge--Cedar City

Sally Jackson  (435) 319-9518


Studies show that women who have access to mother-to-mother support breastfeed longer. 



Breastfeeding St George UtahBreastfeeding St George UtahWe offer FREE lactation support via phone, email, or in-person. 








 Kelly Colvin  |    Phone (435) 229-8008     |

 Karen Allen     |    Phone (801) 318-4194     |